Video Marketing

Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Pros:  people love video, video is very engaging and more likely to get shared, video converts best, you can say a lot more in 5 minutes w/video than in same reading time, some people read at low reading levels and/or can be a little lazy sometimes.

Cons:  a video costs more and takes longer to make than a similar piece of written content, sometimes people imaginations when reading print can be more powerful than how your actual video comes off, you’ll have to deal with some other technical issues to make sure your video can be seen on various devices and browsers.

As you probably noticed, the positives are all about reaching more people, exciting people and converting better, while the negatives are mostly related to cost and hassle.  Video is literally taking over the internet …and possibly TV at some point, as you can watch what you want when you want online instead of having to watch when something is showing.  The main question in deciding whether to employ video as a marketing strategy for your business usually comes down to cost vs. ROI, and the time frame of that return on investment.

Video Concepts, Scripting and Production

Once you decide that video can help grow your business and will be profitable long-term, then the process starts like any design project with concepts.  Winning concepts turn into Scripts and winning scripts get produced into videos.   It’s important during this process, to know what the targeted viewer, i.e. market, looks like a what the ultimate purpose of the video is, i.e. education, sales, social change, viral spread, like them on facebook, join email list, commitment to a cause, entertainment, etc.

Often, the video and voice of the actors will get recorded at the same time, but occasionally the voice over will be done separately and need be edited to match them up.  This is most common on simpler, less expensive videos that are really slide shows made up of pictures, text screens and/or video snippets that are spliced together and then music, speaking or both overlaid once completed.  Although many video production, advertising, PR or marketing firms push clients to spend as much as possible and get the highest quality they can afford, there are many simpler videos that produce higher conversion and draw better traffic than their more involved and expensive counterparts.

Video Uploading and Custom Youtube Channels

Once your videos are made, you’ll be needing a place to host them so your potential customers or partners can click URLs all over the internet and watch them play.  Whether you have one video or hundreds, you’ll be needing them uploaded to at least a stand alone service like Amazon S3, to your own web hosting (not recommended as can be resource hog and make problems for your other sites) or to Youtube or any of the 30+ other major video hosting sites out on the open web.  Loading to Youtube, particularly if you want to format the video properly for search engine ranking and high ranking within Youtube, can take much longer than just quickly loading the same video to the smaller or more generic video sites.

If you decide to go with Amazon S3 video hosting, then you’ll need to open that account, set it up and start loading your videos up to it.  If you decide to host your videos on your own server, well then you’ll want to speak with tech support or customer service at your hosting company to make sure you’ll have enough resources to handle them.  This can result in having to up-grade your hosting service to be on the safe side…very wise.

Should you forgo those other two options and decide to save the costs and hassle by uploading your videos to Youtube, then you’ll likely want to build out your own Youtube Channel, format it and set it up propertly.  You can then have all or most of your videos uploaded in one central place to which you can link back.  As a bonus, your new fans will be able to subscribe to your Youtube Channel, like it, comment, etc.  The other video hosting sites are simpler and have less traffic than Youtube, so we always recommend either Youtube or Youtube plus a number of the other video hosting sites as a bonus but not as a replacement.

Video Marketing: Organic and Pay-Per-View…

Now that your video has concept, script, production and is now uploaded and hosted, it’s time to figure out, based on your target market and budget, whether it will be best to use organic or pay-per-view marketing to get it in front of your potential customers’ eyes.

In many ways, this is very similar…perhaps parallel with the same question regarding whether to invest in organic SEO, pay-per-click or some combination there of?  Like traditional organic SEO, the organic ranking and marketing of your videos will take longer and the costs will be spread over time as it will be a work in progress.  Like traditional PPC, the pay-per-view advertising of your video will bring quick traffic and leads, will cost more right out of the gate and long-term on a monthly basis, as unlike organic, it will never go on auto-pilot.  And just like SEO in general, we usually mix the two, using more PPV initially until the organic traffic and leads catch up, at which time we would normally ease off of the PPV being spent as those clicks could be reduced.

Video Marketing as part of your Marketing Plan

Video production and marketing are not usually the first or second major marketing strategy we would recommend in a new marketing plan, as there are plenty of other strategies that are quicker, simpler and more efficient that should be initiated first, with video coming along in 3 months, 6 months or even a year so that it can add to and have the support of an excellent web site, social media, mobile viewing, etc.  There are however some exceptions including: a). your business is already in process on a marketing plan then this can often be added now or soon, b). having a video on the front page of your website can be well worth the money spent, especially since it can usually be a shorter and lower cost video and c). a basic video about your business or video testimonial that will come up on google and youtube when your business’s name is searched is a very basic and affordable, but powerful strategy that should often be part of the early stages of your marketing plan.

Regardless of your business’s size, where your’re at in your existing marketing plan, etc. there is plenty we can do to assist you in adding an efficient and effective component of video marketing into your plan.  Just call to schedule one of our folks to meet with you to access your business and current situation to see where and how we can be of the most help.