Review Marketing

Your Reviews can Make or Break your Local Business

If you own or run a local business, your reviews…quantity and quality…can and usually will make or break your local business.  If your local business is a restaurant, bar, spa, salon, florist, hotel, coffee shop, cleaners, retail store, etc. then you are the types of retail businesses affected the most.  If your local business is a home owner or business service business, i.e. contractor, cleaning service, pest control, painting, appliance repair, etc. then you are the types of service businesses affected second most.

Why?…because 82% of people are now looking up your business on google, yahoo or bing to check you out, to vet you and your business.  The main item people are looking for is reviews.  If they see you have more and/or better reviews than your competitors on the google local map, then you’ll often get 60-80% of the traffic regardless of where your listing actually sits on the front page.  If they see you have less and/or worse reviews than your competitors on the google local map, then you’ll often lose 80% of the clicks you would have otherwise gotten and 80%+ of those that see your negative review will never both trying out your business again as a result.

As a business owner or manager, you can ignore the power of online reviews or you can chose to embrace this as a marketing leverage opportunity that can super charge all the rest of your marketing.  How does it super charge all the rest of your marketing?…well all your other marketing efforts are either based on bringing new potential customers to your business or increasing the activity of your existing customers.  82% of those new potential customers are going to look up your business and check out your reviews, almost always against he back drop of your competitors on the google local map listings.  That means, that your reviews as compared to your competitors will either maximize or minimize the conversion on all those other leads and as such, all the other money you’re spending on marketing.  Think about the ramifications of that for a minute…

So How do You Make this Work for Your Business?

So now that you’ve connected the dots that your online reviews are a powerful form of marketing leverage, that leads us to some of the hurdles involved in using this information to the advantage of your business over your local competitors.  First, you’ll need to get your customers to leave reviews, and in a perfect world, you’ll want to focus them on google local and the other review sites that will most benefit your business.  Second, in addition to that being harder than any of us ever think in advance, many of those new reviews will get filtered out or fall off because the customer either didn’t submit it properly or has an account that’s not very mature or active.  This can be very frustrating, and really doesn’t do us much good unless the reviews actually make it online successfully.

What Can We do to Make Your Life Easier?

This is where our systems to help you gather your customers’ reviews and knowledge of working with the reviews sites to get them posted can assist you.  We have systems and training designed to gather the reviews.  We typically only post the best reviews while still having you or your team respond to and handle the more negative reviews so you can actually fix the issues in your business and take the whole endeavor to another level.  Once gathered, we post the positive reviews to the site where it will benefit your business the most and using a mature and active account to minimize the reviews dropping off later.  The good news is, that whether it takes 3 months, 6 months or a year to gather up and post enough great reviews to take over the front page of google based on your reviews, once you’ve got that many, it’s a lot easier and more affordable to maintain your lead over your competitors.

We’re available to come meet with you about your business, review your current review situation and then make recommendations on how to turn your business’s reviews in to your greatest asset.  We’ll even show you how to leverage those reviews further and actual implement review marketing strategies to grow your customer base even larger and faster.