Text Marketing

Why Do People Love Getting Texts?

Before we talk about why people generally love getting texts let’s address that fact, that some people, maybe us, don’t love getting texts.  Usually, this is because they either are older and are struggling to embrace and enjoy new technology or because they’ve had someone send them way too many or too few texts.  We’ll chat more about how many texts to send to minimize this issue down below the second video.

So why do people love getting texts?  Usually, but not exclusively, the 15-45 years old age group has embraced texting as a quick, useful and rewarding form of communication.  Tweeting through Twitter is really a very similar concept and technology, in that the messages are frequent, short, to the point and easily digestible…a lot like actual conversation in person or on the phone, but with the added advantage, that you don’t have to respond right away and can take a minute to prepare your thoughts first.

That’s why those that have embraced text messaging don’t mind getting a text, so long as it makes sense, is useful in some way and they’re not sent way too often.  If the deals or information are good, important, interesting or relevant, then there’s limited frustration.  If the messages are sent regularly and evenly, seen as valuable and often end up being acted upon, then in fact many subscribers will get excited when they get one and even look forward to them.

Interesting Reasons to Explore Text Marketing:

1). Email marketing has 1-2% open rates on a great day, while texts have a 90% open rate in the first three minutes and 97% within an hour.  If you own a business that needs customers more during certain quiet times of day or on certain days of the week when you’re slow, imagine being able to let your customers know at just the right time.

2). With 5 times as many people having cell phones as desktop computers, that’s a much bigger, quicker responding market to be working with.

3). On a good day, print coupons getting a 1-2% ? rate, while texted coupons that people can save and don’t have to print out typically get an 8-16% ? rate…that’s 8x’s better, 8x’s quicker to implement or change, no cost to print or trees to kill in the making of this marketing campaign.

4). The cell phone and texting platforms are so strongly accepted in the 15-45 age group, that it makes this a perfect marketing medium to reach the customers and potential customers that you’ll be building your business off for the next 20-30 years and they look at you offering this service in a positive way.

5). There are many great, affordable and easy ways to gather your customer’s and potential customer’s information, but once you’ve had them on your list for a while, they’ll be thinking of you and your business more and more out of habit, making it less and less likely that they’ll buy from your competitor instead.

How to Run a Successful Text Marketing Campaign

Easy enough…do the opposite of what you shouldn’t do from the video above.  In addition to that though, keep in mind, that in many ways text marketing is like twitter, and as such, is like social media marketing.  You need to be real, you need to be regular, you need to be engaging and don’t waste there time or patronize or they won’t come back.  You need to look at this as a tool to create a large number of slowly growing fans, customer’s that deep down wouldn’t mind getting to know you and your business more, that are motivated by being known and getting a good value.  Use this tool to influence what your customers think about your business and to nudge their habits about coming back, how often, what times and get them to try your new offerings when you have them.

Lastly, although text marketing can start to show good initial traffic, spending and profit increase in 30-90 days, the real power is in the consistent long-term application.  At a very subconscious level, it will be a factor that causes your customers to feel you and your business are wanting to communicate with them, you’re stable…not going anywhere and in it for the long haul.  If you’ll keep an even higher focus on providing your product and/or service in a most excellent and consistent way, then your daily/weekly messages will match the reality of coming toy our business and you’ll see absolutely incredible consistency and loyalty as well in the actions of your customers.  They do ultimately vote for or against you with their buying decisions and their money.

Let us Answer Your Questions and Demonstrate Our Powerful Solution

We would love to come by and meet with you in person, to answer your questions about this marketing method and the various ways you can enlist your customers support and quickly gather their info.  We believe so strongly that you’ll see great benefit from this service, that we offer it without minimum fee and without a long-term contract, as we don’t expect to keep providing this service without substantial positive results.  We simply bill you at the end of the month for the texts sent.

Our software platform is on the web, so you can access it from anywhere in the world, anytime you or your staff need to.  If you’re not sure that you or your staff have the time to learn more about or implement this marketing method, then we would be glad to handle it turnkey at some additional expense, scripting and sending your messages out for you on time each week.  Our primary concern is for you to have a great experience and see how truly powerful this medium is, yet we realize that when a client or their staff doesn’t have the time or commitment to handle the new system, it can appear as if the system isn’t so hot, when nothing could be further from the truth.

We look forward to the chance to answer your questions and demonstrate our communication platform that does way more than text marketing…that’s only the beginning!