Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Here at 1st Impression Marketing Solutions, we see Marketing as the mechanism, both science and art, that when properly exercised finds potential clients, communicates with them where they are and causes some of them to take action, deciding to buy your goods and/or services.  There is no guarantee, that the customers  will return or tell anyone else about your business, as that is dependent on you and/or your staff’s ability to perform as promised and cause the customer to believe it is likely to happen again.

Each business is unique…

Because Marketing and Sales can not happen without somehow communicating with your potential customer, it then causes certain marketing strategies, methods and solutions to be more effective based on the ways that potential customers are most reachable and most likely to respond.  Which marketing solutions will bring the quickest and/or greatest ROI will vary depending on your business, it’s location(s) and the products/services you offer .  The recommended order and timing of these marketing strategies can only be safely determined after having a fact finding meeting to get the finder details of your business as it has been and stands today.

Some things do change…

In general, the marketing methods that have worked in the past are becoming less and less effective each passing year with the resultant ROI going down as well, often into the negative.  The reality is, that many social patterns continue to change at an accelerating rate, the main trends being:

  • 70% of people consider online reviews and social proof when making a decision to buy
  • If online reviews are bad, 80% of the time, they’ll never change their opinion
  • 40% of all local online searches are done from a smart phone, android, i-phone or i-pad
  • There are now more web enable phones and pads, than desktops and laptops combined
  • Email open rates average 5%, while text and mobile app open rates average 97%
  • People spend an average of 2.7 hours per  day between mobile and social media
  • Video now makes up 90% of the internet and 50% of views are from mobile devices

It can all just be overwhelming…

There are so many marketing options, so much information out on the internet and it’s so hard to know with any certainty what will work best for your specific business.  Really, it’s a lot like dealing with anything in life…at some point, you have to decide how much it makes sense for you to learn for yourself, do for yourself or delegate so that it can get done properly and quickly.  If you’re like most people, there are certain areas of your business that you’ll get a better return doing yourself, and others you’re wiser and better off to another specialist do for you.

So what’s next?…

If you already feel like you have a pretty good handle on your existing marketing and what you would like to accomplish going forward, then by all means call or click the button above to schedule an meeting with one of our local marketing consultants.  There is no cost for the initial consultation, as we feel confident that you’ll find great benefit in our recommendations, but it’s hard to give right council until we get to know you and your business.  If you are traveling a lot, tight on time or just don’t prefer to meet in person, call or email so we can arrange a phone appointment at your convenience.

If you are hesitant to arrange a meeting because your just not feeling up to snuff yet on all this marketing stuff, then call or email us and let us know, we’ll be glad to forward a link for a free month trial membership to CrowdAcademy, where you can access pdf and video training on all type of marketing strategies and solutions that are working right now.  There will be links and notes floating around so you can get back in touch with us when you get to a place where meeting with one of our marketing consultants makes sense.

Regardless of where you’re at regarding your business’s marketing, we would love to offer you a free subscription to IM Local Magazine as a thank you for your consideration.  You can feel confident that everything we write in it is accurate and applicable, no fluff, usually just 20-30 full color pages and a quick read.  Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed a fresh download link for each new issue.  In between editions, you’ll get some “solo” articles and announcements to fill in the gaps.  You’ll see that we’re more than capable of handling your future marketing needs once you see how we produce and deliver IM Local Magazine.