1st Impression Marketing Solutions…

…is a marketing firm located in Marietta Ga, a NW suburb of Atlanta Ga.  Our team has started, owned or managed a number of local businesses over the years, but find ourselves at a point in life where we enjoy helping other business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses more than running our own businesses.  Helping you and others like you grow your business…your dream…your retirement is smart leverage on the skill and creativity we’ve been trusted with…and it’s very fulfilling too!

It was the economic meltdown that started in fall of 2007′ here in Atlanta that led to the drastic changing of our own businesses and marketing methods, including the building of the Affordable Craftsmen site in late 2009, the successful search engine optimization of that site and the 2,200 or so leads it still produces annually.  What started over the past few years as helping our friends market their businesses, turned into helping the businesses that we frequent the most near our home and has now officially become 1st Impression Marketing Solutions, where we’ve gathered a team of like minded and like hearted people to help us serve you and grow your business like it was our own.

Think of us as your marketing department, but not employees with all the hassles that come with that…but instead as business partners.  Partners because we know that if we help you make and extra $5-10, you won’t mind paying us a $1 of that so that we can stick around and keep working together.  Partners because we know that as you and our other customers’ businesses grow and succeed, that our business will also grow and succeed along with you and yours.  Partners because if we didn’t believe in you and your business, then we wouldn’t be marketing with and for you…we can bring lots of new clients, but you have to fulfill and keep them coming back to see the full benefit of our marketing efforts and get the most value from our partnership.

It may sounds little crazy…but at least in some ways, we also see ourselves as partners with the potential customers, clients and consumers of your products and services.  Well, if we believe in what your doing and offering, then we’re not just helping you market…but also giving you our recommendation.  That’s why if we’re not happy with using your business, if we don’t want to eat at your restaurant, if we wouldn’t refer you ourselves…we won’t even come by to talk to you about representing you or your business.  We really feel like we’re just matchmakers putting the best businesses with the best customers!

Marketing Plan, Service Provider or Project Manager as needed…

We prefer to start working with you by fully understanding your business and personal goals, what has worked and what hasn’t, etc.  Then we up-date or create an improved marketing plan, help to implement each of the strategies as your provider or even assist in the creation of custom software, ghost written books, etc. as we partner with you in pursuing the long-term growth of your business.

On the other hand, if you already have existing marketing providers you’re happy with, we’re glad to assist in whatever way is still needed.  We can review what your goals are, what’s been working or not working, etc. then consult on an up-dated marketing plan.  We can fill in the gaps on your existing marketing plan by assisting w/implementing the missing components.  We can custom build the software or plugin you need or modify and install an existing solution we’ve built or have developers license to.

Local, National…even Global for the Right Clients!

Although we work mostly with local businesses, we do also provide marketing consulting for customers and businesses across the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and around the World.  Thanks to skype, email, faxing and all kinds of other software…we can provide marketing solutions, strategies and services all over the World from right here in Atlanta, Ga USA.  We recognize, that some of you will feel it in your best interest to work with a local marketing consultant where you live and work…which we understand as many of our clients here in Atlanta Ga USA absolutely love having us close at hand and able to meet in person.  If you’re open to trying us, then lets have a phone interview with each other so we can both confirm we’re a good fit for each other and move forward based on mutual excitement.

Whether you’re local, national or across the globe…should your local marketing consultant fall down on the job or make a mess for you, do bo0kmark us and keep us in mind in case you end up needing help to finish what they’ve started.  We have happy clients that skype, email, faxing, etc. is used to communicate with regularly…as whether print, internet, radio, mobile or video based, marketing that works is marketing that works…and that’s what we specialize in.

Check us out, read our reviews…then contact us!

You can go to our Marketing Services page to see all the types of marketing solutions and marketing strategies we offer.  We admit…pricing is tricky, as there are so many variables and the last thing we want to do is over estimate and loose your business or under estimate and have you feeling like we led you on.  There’s a lot more to putting together a successful marketing plan than that and we want to provide you with something very targeted to your business and market.

Any good marketing consultant is going to spend some time getting to know you, your business, your market and your goals before they can recommend the best options and help you draw up a great marketing plan.  We look at the hours up front, including time spent doing research and/or building you mock-ups, as a good investment in earning your business.  When you give us a chance to help you grow your business, we’ll seize that opportunity, get you results and solidify our roll as your marketing consultant and marketing department “for hire”.

You should can go check out our Marketing Consulting page and read some of our Client Reviews, then Call or Email us today to tell us what you’re trying to do with your business, ask us any questions you may have and schedule an in person or over the phone marketing consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.